RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A law effectively banning the “Carolina Squat” pickup truck modification in North Carolina took effect Wednesday.

The law, House Bill 692, was passed by state lawmakers on Aug. 25 then signed by Gov. Roy Cooper. The law states that no passenger vehicle, such as a pickup truck, can be driven if it has been altered so that the height of the front fender is 4 or more inches higher than the height of the rear fender.

Some have argued that having the front of the vehicle higher could obstruct the driver’s view. A petition calling for the ban, which has more than 71,000 signatures, also said many squatted trucks have their catalytic converters removed, which causes pollution.

A petition wanting to keep the modifications legal had almost 25,000 signatures, as of Wednesday afternoon.

Anyone who is convicted of three or more offenses for having illegal modifications to their cars can have their driver’s license revoked, the law said. License revocations last for at least a year.