RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — You may have seen or heard different law enforcement agencies around NC State’s campus over the last few days as dozens of agencies from across the state completed different trainings on campus.

“It is bringing all of our partners from across the state together, we have people coming from Mecklenburg County, Wake County of course, Nash County, it’s an opportunity for all of us to train,” Chief Estella Patterson with the Raleigh Police Department said.

Over 500 law enforcement agents from across North Carolina were on NC State’s campus on Thursday for the last day of the three-day training event prepping for worst-case scenarios.

“If we do have a major event, or when we have a major event, we will know what our capabilities are,” Daniel House, the Chief of campus police, said. “The other thing is, we know our partners, so we know what their capabilities are.”

CBS 17 couldn’t film actual training exercises because of security reasons and undercover agents, but we’re told teams trained on active shooter situations, bomb threats, even explosive chemicals.

“There’s so many things that are here, you figure with all of the labs and everything you have, there’s a lot of chemicals and other things that are potentially dangerous that people can potentially try to breach,” House said.

Police officers, FBI agents, ATF agents and more trained for off-campus emergencies, too. Chief Patterson says one emergency her team is always training for is gun violence.

“We have been doing active shooter training as part of this exercise, and so being able to respond to that is huge,” Patterson said.

She says working alongside neighboring agencies is crucial to keeping everyone safe because in true emergency situations, it’s all hands on deck.

“In real-time, when an incident occurs, all of us are going to be involved,” Patterson said.

Law enforcement say the training does not stop when they go home. They say they’ll take what they learned at the training and continue to work together.