RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As republicans and democrats target their base, neither party can win without gaining the favor and votes of a group who identifies with no party at all.

Those who register as unaffiliated now outnumber the total who are registered as a democrat and those registered as a republican. If North Carolina is a purple state, then they’re the purple voter.

“It speaks to why they should then be a part of the board that operates and administers our elections and that’s what this litigation is all about. Making sure our state board of elections is representative of who we are in North Carolina,” said Bob Phillips, Executive Director of Common Cause NC.

For around 120 years the law has been the same. The North Carolina State Board of Elections is made up of five members, with no more than three making up the party of the sitting governor and two from the other party. Always democrats and republicans.

Now that unaffiliated is the largest voting bloc in the state, Common Cause NC and several unaffiliated voters have filed a lawsuit to change the law.

“Having an unaffiliated person there would help tamp down some of this toxic partisan politics that is even present at the state board of elections,” said Phillips.

In 1923, board members made 4 dollars a day. By and large, the country trusted the system to work. But warranted or not, that trust has eroded, and Americans are skeptical about whether people in high powered positions will do the right thing.

Phillips believes a move like this would help.

“The confidence that the electorate has in the elections in general is under attack and we certainly think that having that unaffiliated voter on the state board might help counter that,” he said.