MOORESVILLE, N.C. (WJZY) – Shyheim Summers and Tavis Dullin say they were just sitting in their car when Mooresville police ordered them out, put them in handcuffs, and accused them of shoplifting.

The Mooresville officers then proceeded to search the car and found a small amount of marijuana and a large amount of cash.

Summers and Dullin weren’t arrested that day. Instead, a warrant was issued the day after their lawyer filed a lawsuit against Mooresville police.

On May 27, Summers and Dullin were accused of shoplifting from DICK’S Sporting Goods – yet no stolen goods were found on their person or in their car. The cops did seize $14,000 in cash and a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

Summers and Dullin immediately went to their lawyer, Ashley Cannon, who filed a lawsuit to prevent the money from following the usual protocol of going to the federal government.

The day after the lawsuit was filed felony marijuana charges were issued against both men, plus a concealed weapon charge against Summers who says he was in lawful possession of the firearm and he was the one who told officers it was in the car.

An Iredell County judge ruled in favor of the men so the money won’t go to the feds but will remain with the town while the civil and criminal cases play out.

Ashley Cannon also represents Jermaine Sanders who sued Mooresville for the $17,000 in cash they seized from him in November 2020.

Kim Sellers on behalf of the Town of Mooresville gave FOX 46 this comment: “The Town has been holding the money since May 27 and have no issues continuing to do so.”