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Legislation could clear way for medical marijuana in NC, representative says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - North Carolina marijuana laws for personal possession have been relaxed over the last few years. Medical marijuana legislation is also gaining traction in the state house, according to Rep. Kelly Alexander.

Alexander said his legislation would set up a regulated supply chain and provide a certification process for those seeking treatment. It would also allow individual cities and towns to opt in or out of the law, similar to how liquor sales work in the state. 

"What we are going to be proposing is adult use, local option, medical legalization," Alexander explained. 

However, medical marijuana still has its hurdles. 

"They start thinking hellfire, sin and all of that," Alexander said. "The reality is there is some good science being developed that shows that marijuana, medically, has some kind of efficacy with some 30 different conditions."

CBS 17 reported earlier Tuesday that the Johnston County Sheriff's Office intercepted a package containing nearly 30 pounds of marijuana. Two were arrested in connection with trafficking in the drugs, which are valued at over $40,000.

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