GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A mother and daughter are facing charges following a fight involving a juvenile on a Guilford County Schools campus.

Kalisha Allen, 41, and Naziya Allen, 19, are charged with disorderly conduct at school, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and affray.

FOX8 crews spoke on the phone with Kalisha Tuesday afternoon. Kalisha wants to make it clear she did not come on campus with the intention of getting into a fight. She said she is embarrassed and remorseful.

Kalisha claimed she was at the school to pick up her child, who is a senior, when she said a 15-year-old attacked her and her other daughter.

The fight happened on Grimsley High School’s campus on Friday as students were being dismissed from school. Greensboro police arrested Kalisha and Naziya after officers said they assaulted students.

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Kalisha claimed her 17-year-old senior at Grimsley had been bullied for the past two weeks at school. The mom said she got a text from her daughter, saying the bullies were planning to jump her after school Friday.

Kalisha said she and her other daughter, Naziya, got out of the car to look for the 17-year-old at pick-up when a 15-year-old attacked the two of them. She said she did not plan on hitting the child but had to defend herself.

Kalisha claimed she alerted the school’s administrators three times about the bullying and said they told her they could not do anything about it until her daughter was willing to reveal the names of her bullies.

Kalisha said her daughter was scared of retaliation but had been involved in previous altercations with the same group of students, so administrators should have known who was bullying her.

The mom told FOX8 that her daughter was expelled from GHS.

FOX8 reached out to the district to see if they wanted to respond to the bullying claims. A spokesperson acknowledged the request but has not gotten back to us yet.