‘My child is gone’: NC mom mourns daughter killed in crash by repeat DWI offender

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – FOX 46 spoke with a Charlotte mother who lost her daughter in a car crash in north Charlotte on Tuesday.

The driver who hit the woman and her 5-year-old child on Reagan Drive was a repeat DWI offender and is now behind bars.

Malonda Caldron was headed to Crossroads Apartment complex to see her mother when the accident happened. First responders had to use the jaws of life to pull her out of the car. Her mother has a message for anyone getting behind the wheel while drunk. 

“There’s no punishment that they can give him that can amount to the value of my daughter’s life,” said Brenda Caldron.

Caldron held a photo of her 44-year-old daughter Malonda on Thursday while speaking with FOX 46.

Her 5-year-old was in the car Tuesday night when they crashed.

“Physically, he’s fine. This is the first time he’s been away from his mom for more than a day. Today, he was good but today he’s been weepy. He’s asking for his mom,” said Brenda.

Malonda’s son isn’t old enough to understand that his mother died in the crash.

Police say 62-year-old Anthony Ebron Jr. was driving the car that hit Malonda from behind. He faces felony death by motor vehicle charges, driving while impaired, and driving while license revoked for DWI. He was recently arrested for another DWI on Nov. 2.

“He’s a 62-year-old man, he should know better. Drunk driving has been a crisis for many families and for him to do it twice in less than a month,” said Brenda.

FOX 46 spoke with a criminal defense attorney unrelated to the case. He says if convicted of three DWI charges within 10 years, you can permanently lose your license in the state of North Carolina. 

“He went through the process, he was convicted and his license was revoked but he was driving on suspended license meaning he was breaking another law in addition to driving while impaired,” said attorney Joshua Kellough. 

The crash happened so close to home, neighbors caught it all on camera. 

“Was one of the most sweetest people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Always had a smile. Just a sweet person,” said Cortez Eberhart, a neighbor.

If convicted, the defense attorney says Ebron could face harsher penalties because of his repeat DWI offense in such a short time frame.

“My child is gone. My life is forever changed. Only parents who have lost their children will understand,” said Brenda.

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