SALISBURY, N.C. (WJZY) – Gov. Roy Cooper visited Knox Middle School in Salisbury on Thursday. 

A 7th grade math teacher, Mrs. Felicia Young, was honored for her work during the pandemic.

Young created viral TikTok videos that helped students learn the curriculum. 

During the governor’s visit Thursday, the two created a TikTok video for laughs. Superintendent Tony Watlington and Mayor Karen Alexander participated in the TikTok. 

“That’s how infectious she is and maybe that’s not the right word to use during the pandemic…but her excitement and ability to make learning fun is the secret here,” said Cooper.

Cooper mentioned Young in his “State of the State” address. He says teachers are special.

“A teacher in someone’s life can change a life. One teacher can change a life… often it’s a lot. I can tell you teachers I had all through elementary school, high school, in my public school experience that made a difference in my life,” said Cooper.

Young welcomed the governor into her classroom along with several Rowan-Salisbury school district leaders and her family. 

The Superintendent of Schools recently announced that the board approved $3.3 million in bonuses for Rowan-Salisbury school staff.  

Young’s Tik Tok: @theunicorneducator