MONROE, N.C. (WJZY) — Law enforcement agencies in North Carolina are urging students to think twice about senior pranks.

The first prank Queen City News told you about in the region was at Sun Valley High School on May 18.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office charged two with a felony and misdemeanor for damaging computers and injury to personal property.

One was a student and the other was not.

Some students participating in the senior prank were not charged.

“Their goal is to get likes; their goal is to create something that hasn’t been done before,” said Union County Sheriff Chief Deputy Tony Underwood. “See how many views they can get, but oftentimes there are consequences for that.”

Law enforcement works with school districts to investigate the pranks, like at North Lincoln High School, where vulgarities were painted on walls last week.

Twelve people were charged with trespassing.

“You have to have a victim in the crime,” added Thomas Laverde, with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and resource officer for North Lincoln High School. “So the schools are the victim. That’s their cooperation in the end of it.”

Districts handle academic discipline like students not participating in graduation. Investigators handle the criminal side and know the charges could be severe depending on the damage.

Queen City News asked if there was consideration for a student’s future when filing the charges because this was supposed to be a prank.

“The question is, did the people who were involved in it take that into consideration,” answered Underwood. “They make the choice. We didn’t make the choice. We have a duty and a job to do, so it is not our decision on how this may impact their future. That’s with any crime.”