GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — When 50 hours just isn’t enough.

MrBeast released a video on March 27, 2001, where he showed how he spent 50 hours buried inside a coffin. It has garnered 309 million views.

So, why not raise the stakes?

In the new video released on Saturday, he shows the highs and lows of being buried inside a coffin for seven days.

“Let’s do this,” he said in an Instagram post on Friday previewing the video.

So it goes down like this: MrBeast picked a spot in Pitt County to be buried under 20,000 pounds of dirt. For the next 19 minutes, we watch how he spends the seven days. He’s got MREs (meal ready to eat), snacks, five gallons of water and other necessities.

That includes something to store his pee in. He says five days in that he hasn’t pooped and was trying to hold it in, although he has toilet paper (don’t try this at home, he reminds viewers).

It’s not an actual coffin in size, however. It’s big enough that he can sit up, roll around, do some leg lifts (so he doesn’t develop blood clots) and has the capacity for cameras and his gear. At one point, the guys show us a monitor where they can watch him, dig a hole to insert a small camera to say hello and even tunnel to where he’s at.

Along the way, he experiences a lot and seemingly comes close to going crazy. At certain points, he can’t sleep and cries without notice. He even had a housefly somehow get into the coffin to bug him.

One big thing that did happen was while he was buried, he reached 200 million subscribers. He did that on Oct. 15, so we know he took part in the burial challenge around a month ago.

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So check out the video (because we know you will) and see how it all plays out. The good news is he survived the challenge, so he’ll be ready to entertain us again with another crazy video soon.


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