NC beach officials warn swimmers of invasive, venomous sea creature

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ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WNCT) — Parts of the East Coast are dealing with an invasion of sea creatures and it’s leading to warnings to keep out of the water.

The creature is the Portuguese Man O’ War.

There have been warnings about the man o’ war along the east coast, even closing Onslow Beach over the weekend.

Officials said it’s not a jellyfish, but it is a sea predator.

It’s sting contains venom that can kill small fish.

Usually, it’s not deadly to humans, but that venom can cause a very painful sting.

Kyle Campbell, Atlantic Beach Head Lifeguard says, “Man of war can’t swim they come in with the wind. don’t touch them, they will continue to sting you until you remove the stingers from your body.”

“Sometimes it can be worse sometimes we’ll just go ahead get on the radio and have the ems come to check you out. most of the time it’s fine, just a very painful experience.”

Lifeguards say this is the most Portuguese man o’ war they have seen in the last three years.

If you see one, alert a lifeguard, who will handle it from there.

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