DENTON, N.C. (WGHP) — A young woman from Denton started her career as a bluegrass singer when she was a teen and is now beginning to see her career take off, now signed to a record label.

“It’s a highlight of my life to get to sing and perform for people,” said Caroline Owens, bluegrass singer.

Owens says she fell in love with singing at an early age.

“I’ve been saying it since I was two, so I always knew that this is what I wanted to do,” said Owens.

In her late teens, the Denton native decided to make it her living.

She loves classic country music, but bluegrass is what’s in her heart.

“The lyrics are true they mean something, and they really will hit you in the heart if you listen,” said Owens.

Her bluegrass hero is Alison Krauss.

“She’s actually the reason that I got started in bluegrass music. And I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her a couple of times and get to sing with her, and that’s been a big thrill,” said Owens.

Caroline started her music career playing Bluegrass festivals.

“So that….was really where it began. About 13 or 14, I started doing churches and restaurants, and then it just kind of expanded from there,” said Owens.

Now she is a two-time International Bluegrass Music Association nominated Bluegrass Vocalist.

“Those nominations were some of the biggest honors of my career so far. That’s a –that was a really big deal for me and my family as well,” said Owens

At age 21, Owens has been signed to Skyline Records in Nashville, Tennessee for five months.

“It’s been a whirlwind and something that that I never thought I’d get to do,“ said Owens.

Her first bluegrass single for her label is a song she wrote years ago.

“I did not like it when I wrote it. Thought this is the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life,” Owens said. “When I got signed with the record label, they picked six of my songs, and one of those songs that was recorded was — the Heartbreak Train.”

The song debuted nearly 3 months ago on a national bluegrass chart at No. 7 and continues to see success.

“It takes talent and it takes drive, but anyone can do this. You know, maybe there’s a little girl watching at home going, I’d love to be a singer someday. Well, you can,” said Owens.

Caroline is scheduled to perform at Dollywood in October. Visit her website to follow more of her work.