GASTONIA, N.C. (WJZY) — “Good, bad, and toxic” is how Melinda Robinson described her relationship with defendant James Michael Rick who is accused of killing his cousin Delia “Joyce” Aldridge Rick with a crossbow.

Robinson repeatedly told the jury, often loudly, that she was the intended target of the arrow.

She testified that Kyle Longnecker asked her to come to Larry Hambrick’s to sell drugs and said Rick was not there. Although Rick was.

When Robinson arrived with Joyce she saw Rick with a crossbow and then he shot it through Joyce’s car from the front passenger side. Robinson was in the front passenger seat and Joyce was in the driver’s seat.

The arrow went through the window and struck Joyce. Robinson said she felt Joyce’s blood on her.

Robinson said through sobs, “I started screaming what have you done, what have you done?” And then told the jury, “He pulled the arrow out of her,” and then “he just pushed her body on the floorboard.” 

Robinson explained that she drove Rick’s truck from the scene to Lake Wylie while he was driving Joyce’s car because she didn’t know where they were going and didn’t know he was dumping the car with Joyce in it.

Robinson said Rick repeatedly threatened to kill her, and himself and harm her family. Also, he told her to tell the police he was deer hunting and the killing was an accident.

Robinson was on the stand almost the entire day and resumes the witness stand on Monday for continued cross-examination.