RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — COVID-19 cases are going up across the nation, including here in North Carolina and experts say it’s part of a sixth wave.

Data from the state health department shows 22,917 cases last week. That’s up nearly 300 cases from the previous week.

UNC infectious diseases expert Dr. David Wohl says it’s part of another wave of the virus, but this one looks a little different than in the past.

“It’s not the dramatic peaks that we’ve seen before. It’s much more like those very big, tall mountains that start from the seabed and go all the way up onto land and then come back down. We are seeing a surge and we’ve been in a surge,” Wohl said.

This surge is happening across the country. Epidemiologists in New York said the wave there is triggered by the B.A-5 subvariant. Wohl said one reason for people in the Triangle to be concerned is the high number of people traveling back and forth to New York City from RDU airport.

Experts say to get the booster shot if needed and wear a N95 mask if you’re in airports or areas with a lot of people are the best things you can do.

“Don’t stay home. Don’t not travel. That’s not what we do anymore. There’s no lockdown but if you’re gonna go out in the world, go out responsibly,” Wohl said.

The number of hospitalizations and deaths are lagging behind the rise in cases and Dr. Wohl tells CBS 17 that’s proof that vaccines are working.