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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A family of five traveling down Interstate 40 near Winston-Salem dodged bullets after being involved in a road rage incident. 

WGHP-TV spoke with the man who was involved. He did not want to be identified but wanted to share what happened on the highway last Saturday afternoon. 

“Oh, we were very, very petrified,” the unidentified man said. 

He says he and his family were cut off by a driver, which almost caused a major accident. 

“Somebody came flying up the side of me, and I guess jammed on his brakes. He got behind the car that was in front of him and swerved over in front of us,” the man said. 

He and his fiance yelled at the driver, and a back and forth argument ensued. 

“We had some choice words. I guess he rolled down his window, and he started yelling, and my fiance started yelling back like ‘you know we’ve got kids in the car. What are you doing you idiot?’” the man said 

Seconds later he saw the driver pullout a gun and point it towards their car. He told his family to duck for cover, and then shots were fired.

“I could see him pulling out a gun, and as he pulled up the gun, I yelled to everyone in the car ‘he’s got a gun,’ and I floored it…by the time I hit the accelerator, I heard the first shot — heard it hit the vehicle,” the man said

Two bullets hit the vehicle below the passenger side window and near the bottom of the car. 

One shot was so close it barely missed his 9-year-old daughter who was in the back seat. 

“He was that close to possibly killing my daughter,” the man said.

The man called the authorities to investigate the incident. 

The man is still reeling from the experience and says he doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else, and he hopes police can find the driver who did this. 

“You know somebody doing something on the road or on the interstate or in your development…and you know you having words throwing up your fist or a finger…whatever it may be, just kind of pick and choose your battles,” the man said. 

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