NC family warns others after ECU student contracts COVID-19 for a 2nd time

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro family is warning others about the severity of COVID-19 after a young woman contracted the virus twice.

Anna Reese Terrell was diagnosed in late winter, experiencing a cough, fluid in her lungs and breathing problems.

“The doctor treated her with various medications to try and get rid of those lung problems, inhalers, those types of things but they didn’t seem to work too well, so she just sort of suffered for seven months until it went away,” her father Chris Terrell said.

Anna Reese Terrell eventually tested negative for the virus, but positive for the presence of antibodies.

Her family assumed the antibodies would help protect her from contracting the virus again as she returned to school at East Carolina University several weeks ago.

“I was a little bit worried about getting it again, I didn’t think it would be so soon, and this week my friends and I started feeling sick and I went and got tested, and I am positive for COVID again,” Anna Reese said.

She said her second time fighting the virus has been easier. Her main symptoms are fever and fatigue, and the sophomore student already says she feels better.

“It is really scary that you can get it more than once, I’m lucky it was not as bad this time,” she said. “I do have a couple of classes that are on campus, and I think my friends do too, so I think any one of us could have picked it up on campus or at an apartment and just not known.”

Her father worries now about the long term impact the virus could have.

“Down the road I think she will probably end up noticing something whether or not she develops asthma or some sort of lung condition, I don’t know,” he said.

Terrell added that he hopes others will be aware of the possibility of getting sick twice.

“One of the things I’ve said all along is, I wish I would just go ahead and get it and get it over with, but now we know that’s not true, you’re not just going to get it and get it over with,” he said.

Anna Reese is self-quarantining off campus at ECU. She said after seeing other universities move classes online, she expects her campus may do the same.

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