HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Community Development and Housing staff recommended the city council approve the purchase of a home severely damaged in a fatal fire last year in hopes of using it as affordable housing.

The High Point City Council voted unanimously to buy the burned-out home on West Green Drive. Plans are to build affordable housing and continue the revitalization of the Southside Neighborhood.

The proposal for the purchase of 1109 W. Green Dr. and the plans for it to be used for affordable housing are a part of Community Development and Housing’s plans for the continued revitalization of the southside neighborhood.

“The Southside Revitalization Plan was actually done in 2008 … The city has been working in this neighborhood for the last 15 years,” High Point Community Development and Housing Director Thanena Wilson said.

The West Green Drive property is one of nearly 20 lots in the Southside Neighborhood High Point Community Development and Housing slated for single-family affordable housing development.

“Our focus has been on single-family home ownership … The city, to date, has built approximately 17 homes that have either been already purchased or are under some type of lease-purchase agreement,” Wilson said.

The price for the building and land is $26,000.

People living in the Southside Neighborhood said they look forward to seeing something done with the damaged home and are welcoming more development in the neighborhood.

“Their neighborhood association has always been very active and has been a part of trying to revitalize this neighborhood,” Wilson said.

Construction is ongoing for several properties in the southside neighborhood in the southwest corridor of the city, and this purchase would add to the already growing community.

“We know that there is a shortage of affordable housing,” Wilson said. “Whether it be for rent or for homeownership … That is one of the things that we do want to do … to use the lots that we currently have and those assets that we currently have in our inventory to expand affordable housing development.”

The next step will be to clear the lot. High Point Community Development and Housing will work with nonprofit agencies like Habitat for Humanity to see about developing it.