RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — We now know what lawmakers in the state House want to do with their new budget proposal after releasing the details late Wednesday afternoon.

The House budget contains raises for a number of groups, including teachers.

House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) says it’s a balanced budget that cuts taxes, and also provides infrastructure improvements.

Many of our roads are in need of repair and the House version of the budget provides $1.3 billion for road repair alone.

Another $3.6 billion in cash will be invested in critical infrastructure needs.

The governor’s version of the budget provided 18% raises for teachers and 8% for state employees.

House budget writers want to get both groups increases, but not as much as Gov. Roy Cooper has proposed.

“If you look at the combined package for teachers in North Carolina, it is over a 10% pay raise for teachers over the biennium,” said Moore. “That is huge.”

The budget proposal would also make the State Bureau of Investigation an independent agency as its own principal department with new resources.

“We’re going to transfer the state crime lab to the State Bureau of Investigation,” said Deputy Majority Leader Rep. Brendon Jones (R-Tabor City).

Tax cuts are also coming if House budget writers get their way.

“Over the biennium, we’re planning on cutting $700 million across the personal income tax, business related and sales taxes,” said Rep John Bradford (R-Mecklenburg).

They’ll be a series of hearings on the house version of the budget, and then in May the Senate releases its version.

Eventually, Cooper, House, and Senate budget plans must be reconciled into one document — that will become the state budget for the next two years.