RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina House has overridden Governor Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 41.

It comes after North Carolina’s Republican-controlled Senate voted Tuesday to override the Democratic governor’s first veto of the session on legislation to loosen gun restrictions, teeing up the House’s first test of party unity under new operating rules.

The bill revives a package of gun access measures that would scrap a requirement that handgun buyers obtain a permit from their county sheriff.

Representative Jon Hardister confirmed the override in a tweet and stated that this is the “first veto override since 2018.”

The override took place with no debate allowed, causing some discontent among Democratic representatives.

“We deserve to have a voice heard today on that issue,” said Rep. Robert Rieves (D) of Chatham County.

Rieves said he is a gun owner and grew up in a family of gun owners. However, he said, “but there is a thing called responsibility and that’s our job.”

“For us to come into this tone deaf about what happened in Nashville and pretend it doesn’t matter, to pretend it wasn’t an issue we might want to bring up is disturbing,” Rieves also said.

Elizabeth Hone, a member of the anti-gun violence group Moms Demand Action, was in the gallery of the General Assembly during the Wednesday morning vote.

“We really need to start doing more to protect our families. This would’ve been one step in that direction,” she said.

Senate Bill 41 concerns the requirement for a permit in order to purchase a pistol.

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