RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Sports betting in North Carolina could be in place by next summer if all goes as planned.

On Friday, the North Carolina Lottery Commission held a public hearing as the commission works to put new rules into place ahead of its June deadline. 

Almost a dozen people were present inside of the North Carolina Lottery Commission’s headquarters Friday to discuss rules for North Carolina’s new sports betting law. 

The General Assembly approved legislation in September to allow sports betting to take place next year.

Only a couple of people spoke at Friday’s meeting.

Those who did voiced concerns over the meaning of fantasy contests in the rules.

“It’s very difficult to even determine what fantasy contest should be allowed under the rules. What does it mean to mimic a proposition selection, for example, what does it mean to have an athlete that surpasses and identified benchmark … None of which are contemplated in the statute,” said Nicholas Green, an attorney for Underdog Sports Holdings LLC.  

Under a change the General Assembly approved in the state budget, sports betting operators will be required to partner with a professional team, league or facility in order to be granted a license.

People would also be able to bet online for pro, college, and electronic sports.

Those who spoke want to see more clarification in some of the rules.

“The question of what a game is or isn’t mimicking is not answered by these proposed regulations,” said Tom Lee, an attorney with Nelson Mullins. 

The lottery commission said they plan to go over the rules at their next meeting on Nov. 16.