GASTONIA, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Sitting in his attorney’s office, Marlowe Ross looks at the video and says he’s watched it numerous times.

“I can’t imagine that happening to anyone,” said Ross. “And the thing about it. Like I said I really didn’t feel the pain at that time.”

This video is from February on Valentine’s Day when Ross was going to help a co-worker at the Quality Inn on Cox Road in Gastonia. A man walking out of the front office wearing a hoodie and carrying a baseball bat approached Marlowe Ross.

“When he came out, he said excuse me sir is that your truck I said yeah,” adds Ross. “So, I’m like I’m walking around him about to talk about the truck and I felt something hit me.”

The man continues to beat Ross, he is knocked unconscious, regains consciousness, and then is knocked unconscious again. Hit close to forty times according to his attorney Steven Hayes.

“I said it’s got to stop sooner or later,” said Ross. “So just lay there, take what’s he’s giving, he’s got to stop. “I got beat, if you see the video, like someone playing the xylophone back and forth head, back legs.”

Marlowe Ross was taken to the hospital with a concussion, broken arm, and broken ribs.

He has no health insurance, and the workman’s compensation claim he filed was denied because Ross told the adjuster he took the day off.

Steven Hayes with Fink and Hayes, PLLC says Ross should be paid because he was on the clock as soon as he responded to the call for help from a co-worker, which is part of his terms of employment.

Marlowe Ross is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and says after 17 years he was finally getting his life back together, “I come from being homeless and to own something felt good. The only thing I wanted in my life is somewhere to stay.”

Ross feels the man was swinging to kill him and knows he is still here because of divine intervention.

“I’m still here for a reason,” said Ross. “The Lord still got me here.”

The man who allegedly hit Marlowe Ross with the bat, 26-year-old Tony Nash was released from the Gaston County Jail back in April. Nash is facing an attempted murder charge.

Friends and colleagues are helping Marlowe Ross with expenses.