CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) — An apartment complex on Sharon Lake Drive has seen a lot of action recently, though residents may not realize it. 

Back in January, there was a series of events that first set off a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police investigation. Days later, the FBI became involved.

The details are laid out in a search warrant filed earlier this month, which details a stash of guns and explosive devices being made or otherwise held at the address. WJZY is not naming the suspect involved in the case because they have not yet been charged, though a witness reported the suspect had given serious thought to using the devices.

“Even though sometimes, people may say things, they can say quite a bit and it may not advance to an actual threat,” said attorney Walter Bowers of the situation. Bowers is also a former law enforcement officer.  WJZY asked him for insight on this case because of the circumstances involved.

“If something were to happen, which has happened in the past, and law enforcement was holding on to something for investigation, that’s not acceptable anymore,” said Bowers of the release of the documents to the public.

The documents themselves said, back in January, a witness came forward to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police saying a suspect had been detonating explosive devices and possibly making explosives. 

The witness also said the suspect made comments such as, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could just poison all the homeless”, and “it should be legal to slot Commies” (the word ‘slot’ being a slang term for shooting someone in the head).

The day after that witness came forward, the suspect was accidentally shot at his apartment in a separate incident. While Charlotte police were investigating, warrants said they found the suspect’s guns and tactical gear.

A day after that accidental shooting, Charlotte police took their information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

WJZY went by the suspect’s residence on Thursday. A woman answered the door, saying the suspect now has an attorney. A voicemail was left at the number provided for the law firm.

A family member of the witness in the case also spoke with WJZY and said the witness is now worried about their personal safety.

Bowers noted the fact that this much information is out right now from warrants in an investigation points, potentially, to something bigger.

“In this case, where did (the suspect) get all these weapons from, and is he connected to other groups that may be planning something,” said Bowers.

FBI warrants show DNA swabs and fingerprints were taken from the suspect in their investigation on Tuesday.