NC neighbors report drones flying near their houses late at night

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People in one Greensboro neighborhood are complaining about drones flying late at night close to their homes.

“It sounds like a very loud vacuum cleaner. It gets louder the closer it gets,” Kelly Mattison said.

Hearing the late-night buzzing is now normal outside of her window on Bayberry Lane.

“I was like, ‘What was that?’ and [my husband’s] like, ‘Sounds like a drone,'” she said. “He went outside to look for it but couldn’t find it.”

FOX8 stopped by Tuesday afternoon and put the FOX8 drone in the air to get an idea of what Mattison is hearing at bedtime.

“It’s kind of freaky that it’s just hanging outside your bedroom,” she said.

When FOX8’s drone was airborne, Mattison instantly recognized the sound.

“That’s the sound! I hear it,” she said.

While the noise is unbearable for her, she says she’s more worried about her safety.

“It’s quite scary because I don’t know who’s operating it or why,” Mattison said.

She knows her neighbors are also concerned, thinking the worst, while trying to learn what’s going on.

“They’re probably getting a kick out of peering into people’s windows or doing something they really shouldn’t be doing,” Mattison said.

Greensboro police said it’s hard for them to investigate these cases because they have to track down the drone pilot, who could be miles away.

Police do want people to report these cases.

It is illegal to fly a drone after dark without a night waiver.

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