RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina has been given the all clear to resume exporting poultry products, putting an end to the high alert status that’s been in place since January.

The Wednesday announcement came from the World Organization for Animal Health after the disease had been eliminated on all impacted farms with no new infections over the past 28 days.

Beginning in January, birds in the state tested positive for High Path Avian Influenza when migratory birds were traveling through. Nine North Carolina poultry farms tested positive for HPAI in March and April, which imposed the statewide ban on poultry shows and sales through June.

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said it was a swift response that quickly controlled the outbreak which affected 400 poultry farms in 38 states since February.

“Poultry owners are encouraged to continue to follow strict biosecurity measures and monitor their flocks for signs of illness,” said Troxler. “Steps should be taken to minimize exposure to wild birds as much as possible.”

Avian influenza is not a food safety risk and carries a low risk of human infection.

More information about High Path Avian Influenza is online at www.ncagr.gov/avianflu.