NC police crack down on speeders after new stretch of I-840 loop opens

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The new section of the urban loop in Greensboro built to ease commutes appears to be turning into a raceway. 

The Lawndale Drive section of Interstate 840 opened to traffic almost a year ago, and police have fielded complaints about racing and caught drivers going over 100 miles per hour.  

“We’re definitely seeing the high speeds that we don’t like to see,” said Officer Sean Patterson with the Greensboro Police Department.

On average, Officer Patterson can catch up to 40 speeders during a two- to three-hour enforcement of the Lawndale section of the urban loop. 

“I’ll call out the speeds, the officers will go and actually make the enforcement stop and either write a citation or a warning,” Patterson explained. 

The speed limit is 65 miles per hour. 

But while WGHP was with officers, they clocked a driver going 99 mph. 

“We try to go after the really egregious speeders, so we don’t miss any of the high-end speeds,” Patterson said. 

Those speeds create noise, disturbing the peace and quiet of the people living around the loop. 

“I think since it’s such a new road, now that it’s opened up and people like to use the cut-through because now they don’t have to travel these different roads like 220 to 40 and whatnot, but with this new bypass we’ve seen some very high speeds,” Patterson said. 

The traffic division’s goal is to patrol the stretch once a week. 

“To reduce the wrecks out here, the crashes and the speeds ultimately,” Officer Patterson stated. 

Greensboro police were able to catch eight speeders in about 45 minutes during their most recent operation.

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