CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – DaBaby, a popular rap artist from Charlotte, was cited on Monday evening after police say he was found with marijuana following a local concert.

In a statement, CMPD announced it was launching an Internal Affairs investigation “to determine if officers followed department policies and directives during the incident.”

The rapper was formally cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resist, obstruct and delay outside of Bojangles Coliseum after a show at around 11:00 p.m before being released from custody.

The incident came hours after he gave gifts to 200 local children for the holidays.

After he was cited, DaBaby told reporters he feels targeted when he comes to Charlotte.

“Absolutely. Every time I come here, every time,” DaBaby said. “They follow me, they pull us over for no reason, they search our cars, they do everything. They treat us like animals.”

CMPD released a statement Tuesday announcing the Internal Affairs investigation and providing their narrative of what took place.

There are numerous videos uploaded to Instagram, including some on DaBaby’s social media account, showing an officer looking through DaBaby’s car with a flashlight and asking him if he was smoking marijuana.

Local activists are also upset with the way CMPD officers treated DaBaby.

Will Adams with Team True Blue was handing out presents with DaBaby to families in need. He says the situation with CMPD will widen the chasm between the community and officers.

“As a community leader as we’re trying to instill love and hope back to the community and we’re trying to bridge the gap between the police and the community this type of stuff makes it hard,” Adams said.

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