RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — In Raleigh and throughout North Carolina, private security companies say homeowners and business owners are budgeting more money for private security.

Tim Neal is the co-owner of TNCG Security, a private security and investigative firm based in Durham. He said they’ve been busy post pandemic.

“A lot of residential locations are seeing an increase in a need for security,” Neal said.

He said some of that comes down to the economy.

“As the post pandemic economy is as it is, a lot of pan-handlers at some of these retail locations begin to get more and more aggressive,” Neal explained.

But he thinks the true increase in demand for private security is because police departments across the country are short staffed.

“When the police departments are busy going from call, to call, to call, dealing with violent situations, they may not have the time to stand by on that street corner and be that visual presence to deter the crime,” Neal said.

In turn, private entities are making sure they’re prepared for anything.

“These businesses are starting to realize that, ‘You know what, we may need to add that into our budget so that we can provide a safe atmosphere for our patrons visiting the store, our residents living in our community,’” Neal said.

He said when it comes to budgeting for private security, safety is priceless.

“This can happen anywhere, anytime,” Neal said. “The whole, ‘Not in my backyard, I don’t worry about it because it hasn’t happened in my community,’ well it’s happening, it’s happening everywhere,” Neal said.