MONROE, N.C. (WJZY) — Union County Public Schools has announced new security protocols for high school events in the wake of multiple incident that have occurred on or at school-sponsored events in recent weeks.   

The new rules approved at Tuesday night’s school board meeting take effect beginning Friday. They include: 

  • Only clear bags are allowed (4-6 inches)
  • Middle and Elementary School students must have a parent or guardian  
  • Ticket sales end at halftime. 

At last Friday’s game between Monroe High and Forest Hills High, things escalated so much that the game was called in the middle of the third quarter.  

Kimberly Morrison-Hansley was in attendance and called it pure chaos.  

“You have to draw a hard line in the sand,” she said. “It’s not fair … it was bad for the entire community.”

On Tuesday, she called on school leaders to reduce or have a cut-off point on the amount of tickets sold on Friday nights.  

She got her wish, in some way.  

“This response is not just a response from Friday night,” Houlihan said. “We have had too many issues throughout the fall.”