DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — After shutting down 34 sweepstakes parlors, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office will have to allow nine of them to remain open after an injunction filed last week.

The injunction, filed in the Davidson County Courthouse Tuesday, says three sweepstakes businesses in Thomasville, five in Lexington, and one in Winston-Salem, must remain open.

According to Sheriff Richie Simmons, it took over a year to investigate the businesses. Simmons and his deputies said they discovered through tips and undercover work the businesses were giving out cash for wins and rigging the games.

Both actions are against North Carolina General Statutes.

Simmons also said the businesses are intertwined with illegal activity in the county relating to drugs and prostitution.

“We’ve got one that was right next to a quick oil lube change type place, they complained because they would come to want to use the bathroom and find needles in the bathroom, or have an overdose,” Simmons said.

Business owners are tired of the problems the sweepstakes bring to the area.

In just a mile stretch along Old U.S. Highway 52, there are five sweepstakes businesses.

“They just keep popping up everywhere,” said Deborah Walser, who works at Reggie’s Flower Shop, located right next to Skills Cabin.

She says people visiting the business stand outside their shop all night and throw trash in the parking lot.

“It’s just not a good situation to have for a business beside it and they have to come in the next morning, and we have to clean up before we can even open,” Walser said.

She also worries about the impact the activities inside these kinds of businesses have on Davidson County families.

WGHP is working to get in contact with the group that filed the injunction.

A hearing is set for Monday in Davidson County.