NC sisters see each other for first time in 60 years

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Two long-lost sisters met each other for the first time after nearly 60 years apart.

They both spent decades trying to find each other.

/ Reunited With Sister:

“I’ve been ready since 10 this morning.. waiting for her!,” Gail Prasnicki said.

Gail Prasnicki has been waiting for this day — for decades.

She knew her mother had given up a baby for adoption, but she’d never had any luck finding her sister.

“Back then we didn’t have the technology and such that we do today so we weren’t able to find her,” Prasnicki said.

Until this January — when she got a message — from her sister Carolyn.

Carolyn who lives in Boston flew down to Charlotte for the meeting.

When they got to wrap their arms around each other for the first time, despite growing up miles away, you could tell they’re truly sisters.

“She talks as much as me as fast as me and as loud as me and they’re like ‘no way’ and I go ‘uh huh!,'” Prasnicki said.

Carolyn says she spent years trying to find her birth family.

“You feel like you’re solving the puzzle,” Carolyn Conery said.

But Catholic Charities sealed her adoption records.

“It was almost impossible, the records are still sealed,” Conery said.

So she turned to ‘Ancestry DNA’ and ’23 and Me’ to try to piece it all together — through relatives and cousins — she was able to find Gail.

Unfortunately, their mother died 20 years ago.

“I think God wanted us to meet each other,” Conery said.

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