RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The North Carolina stay at home order is having a ripple effect on the roads and that has caught the eye of auto insurance companies.

Some are offering rebates, but not everyone will be getting money back.

Around the country, the same scene is playing out on roads.

There just aren’t that many cars on streets and highways.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the city of Raleigh or on the highways —the traffic isn’t there.

When there are fewer vehicles on the road, the number of accidents decreases.

Insurance companies have noticed that and two of them are offering rebates.

Allstate says it is refunding about 15 percent of premiums paid by customers in April and May, citing the shelter in place order in many states.

That adds up to about $600 million in refunds.

American Family Insurance says it will be returning about $50 per insured vehicle which amounts to $200 million in refunds.

But, if you’re a North Carolina driver, you won’t be seeing a refund like that.

Due to North Carolina’s rebate laws, auto insurance companies cannot provide a “shelter in place” payback to policyholders.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance says Allstate mistakenly told its policyholders they would receive rebates, not realizing state law won’t allow money to be returned that way.

American Family Insurance doesn’t write policies in North Carolina — and one of its subsidiary companies didn’t offer rebates to N.C. policyholders.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

“One of the ways a company can offer discounts is to increase the percentage of discounts currently offered,” the N.C. Department of Insurance said.

Spokeswoman Marla Sink says the Department of Insurance says it’s going to be talking with Allstate to discuss other options so they can offer discounts.

She also says the Department Of Insurance would be happy to assist other auto insurance companies that want to expand their discounts to North Carolina policyholders during this crisis. 

It might be worth contacting your existing insurance carrier to see if they will do that.