MCADENVILLE, N.C. (WJZY) — There currently isn’t a truck route in McAdenville, and town leaders want to get one in place before a new development is complete and a lot more trucks go up and down this two-block stretch of Main Street.

Leaders said they are all for development; however, they don’t want it to detour progress in the downtown district.

“We’ve got numerous crosswalks, we’ve got bike lanes, sidewalks that are right along the road, so an 18-wheeler coming through is always a danger to pedestrian traffic,” said Leslie Dellinger, McAdenville town manager.

Just imagine the possibility of 18 to 20 trucks a day going through the pedestrian-friendly area. Business owners know it could become a reality once the Oaks Commerce extension project is complete. Congestion could make some avoid the downtown area altogether.

“It’s already bad enough as it is through here,” added Dewayne Hendrick, owner of One Fifteen Craft. “And it’s not going to be good traffic.”

“Our goal is to start the process early enough that once the Oaks Commerce extension opens up, that we are not faced with numerous trucks coming through every day,” said Dellinger. “So we want to get in front of the project.”

The plan is to have the trucks turn onto NC-7 east instead of through town. Drivers could get on Interstate 85 in Belmont. McAdenville town leaders approved the resolution in September, but NCDOT needs more input.

“They (NCDOT) are the ones that requested it just not be the town of McAdenville requesting this because it does impact three different municipalities. They asked that all three be supportive,” added Dellinger.

The route would also limit any vehicles over 26,000 pounds from going through the downtown district. The resolution is now making its way to Cramerton. On Monday, the Belmont City Council approved the resolution.

A “yes” vote on the resolution is only to have NCDOT study the change. Nothing is permanent yet.

“Whatever they can do to keep that from hindering regular traffic from coming through,” said Hendrick.