RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — At the top of all the issues voters are thinking about right now is the economy. But, who do they blame for making it worse?

According to the latest Civitas poll, 54 percent of North Carolina voters say President Biden is making it worse and only 31 percent say he’s making it better. What should be most concerning for democratic candidates is what unaffiliated voters believe.

“Seeing that 50 percent of them believe that the Biden administration has been hurting the economy has to make you shake your head. If you’re a Republican you have to be, if not outwardly at least inwardly, saying ‘yes this is good news for us,'” said Mitch Kokai, the senior political analyst with the John Locke Foundation.

Registered unaffiliated voters make up the largest voting block in the state and are crucial for both sides. They are also more likely to care about pocketbook issues than socially divisive subjects.

“They probably more than anyone else hate these campaign ads that crop up during every election season. Unless it’s an ad that really convinces them oh this person’s going to do something about our actual problems,” said Kokai.

The conservative-leaning Civitas poll found 56 percent disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as president, while 36 percent approve. But, in a state Donald Trump won twice, Governor Cooper’s numbers are up. Cooper has a 46 percent approval rating. That should be food for thought for candidates in tight races across the state.

“If you’re in a district that’s winnable by either side my guess is you want to steer clear of President Biden but if you can convince Governor Roy Cooper to join you that might be a good sign. Because regardless of what’s happening to other democrats, Roy Cooper seems to be doing pretty well,” Kokai said.