NC woman fighting HOA after being told to take down Black Lives Matter sign

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A Charlotte woman is going head-to-head with her homeowner’s association after she says she was ordered to take down her “Black Lives Matter” sign.

The HOA says it’s against the rules, but she says she’s fighting for her freedom of speech.

Kimberly Wynn and her husband placed the sign in the yard about two weeks ago and never heard a word about it. Wednesday, they say they received a letter from the HOA about the sign.

Wynn said she was surprised because of “the climate that we’re in in this country with racial disparities and the climate in general.”

However, she says the letter from Houston Hills Homeowners Association telling her she had to take down the sign didn’t faze her.

The sign says “We believe Black Lives Matter, No human being is illegal, Science is real, Love is love, Feminism is for everyone, Water is life, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Wynn says the sign was created to promote a message of equality but she thinks maybe it offended someone.

“I do believe that those who are hurt or harmed or feel disrespected. It’s because they don’t believe in equality.”

FOX 46 emailed the Houston Hills Homeowners Association about the letter sent to Wynn saying the sign needed to be removed in 10 days.

A spokesperson said the sign is in violation of a contract signed by Wynn saying no signs allowed except “for sale” and “for rent” signs.

“If it’s in the bylaws as they state that signs like this aren’t accepted then it needs to be square across the board. Everyone in the community shouldn’t have any signs on their lawns and then I’m going to fight to get those bylaws changed because we have the right to freedom of speech.”

Wynn says she understands the rules, but she doesn’t understand why other neighbors have been allowed to have signs in their yards. FOX 46 recorded video of other non-permitted yard signs in the neighborhood Wednesday.

“I thought it would just be a way to show my solidarity with the black and brown people in this community in general and just to show how equality is essentially for everyone and that’s what we believe here in this household,” Wynn said.

FOX 46 did speak with the HOA’s attorney who says he will be meeting with his clients to come up with a solution. The HOA did say all neighbors will have to remove yard signs, no matter the message. Apparently, more people received the email about the signs.

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