KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (WJZY) — A Kannapolis nurse has found her “house fire hero.” It’s the UPS worker who jumped in last week to alert her that her house was on fire. 

The homeowner reached out to Queen City News earlier this week trying to find the man who helped her.    

Steve Norris sees just about everything from the driver’s seat. On March 31, this proved to be especially beneficial. 

“I think all of us in general, UPS drivers, you never know what you’re gonna run up on,” said Norris. 

This was not a scheduled stop. 

“I don’t think she knew who I was at first,” Norris said. “She probably thought some crazy man was on her porch.” 

There’s no way he could pass by without stopping. 

“I seen the smoke — and it was a lot of smoke, a lot of black smoke,” Norris recalls. 

He hopped out of the truck and ran toward the flames. 

“All I did was just open the door, just banged on the door, thinking somebody was in the house,” said Norris. 

There was no response. Then he spotted the Ring doorbell camera. 

“I rang it, and praise the Lord, she answered it!” he exclaimed. 

Bobbie Wilson got a call from a stranger telling her that her home was on fire. 

“Still my angel,” said Wilson. “I know he says he’s not a hero, but he’ll go down in my books as a hero.”

Wilson was determined to find the man who saved her home. 

“I thought. ‘That was me! Oh my gosh, they’re looking for me’, and my wife said, ‘What did you do?’” 

Norris did more than he’ll probably ever know. 

“Thank you so much, thank you so much,” Wilson said as the two met Friday. 

“I really didn’t do anything,” said Norris. 

“You did, you did so much,” responded Wilson. 

“He saved so much more than just a front porch,” said Wilson. “He saved so much more than just a building, he saved me.” 

Turns out they’ve met before. 

“Oh my gosh, yes!” said Wilson. 

It turns out, Norris delivered Wilson’s first inventory for her business. 

“When it clicked, I don’t know if you saw the joy that sank in,” Wilson said. 

The delivery this last time was really special, however. 

“I just happened to be here, I’m just trying to be a neighbor,” Norris said. 

It was unscheduled. 

“Another day in the life of a UPS man,” said Norris. 

“I’m sure that wasn’t on your agenda,” responded Wilson. 

Last Friday, the delivery came right on time. To which Wilson asked: 

“When God calls you, you gotta answer, right?”