THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Davidson County woman said thieves are trying to ruin her haunted Halloween fun.

“When I tell people I live on Denton Road, they know automatically what house I live in,” Angela Beckom said. “I just do it for the people riding up and down the road, and I do it for myself.”

Beckom is talking about her yard full of haunts and horrors. She’s the Queen of Screams of southern Thomasville.

“I watch all the horror movies. I love them. I can watch horror movies 24 hours a day,” Beckom said.

When Beckom moved into her house eight years ago, she didn’t have the space to turn her home into a haunted house like she and her brother used to do years ago, but her yard became her masterpiece of terror. A field not of dreams but nightmares.

“It takes about a month, I start in September, and I start building my new exhibits,” Beckom said. “This year, I went almost two weeks into October.”

Flying ghouls, demented doctors, tombstones and a portal to the underworld fill her yard. Beckom makes almost everything by hand. She spends around $400 each year coming up with new displays to terrify passing drivers.

A few weeks ago, Beckom noticed some of her favorites missing. A life-size Pennywise and Michael Myers, a Jeepers Creepers mask and more were stolen in the middle of the night. 

  • Thomasville woman's haunted yard decor stolen
  • Thomasville woman's haunted yard decor stolen

Beckom showed FOX8 crews how thieves ripped the mannequins off of the boards and trees they were nailed to.

This is the second time it’s happened to her. After other masks and decorations were stolen a few years ago, Beckom went to drastic measures to protect her things. 

“Last year, I came out here and took my dummy’s mask off every night. I would not leave them out overnight,” she said. “I would come and pick them up … That’s a lot of work to come out here and move five or six masks first thing in the morning to put them out.”

To keep sharing the scare with others, she has a simple message for the thieves.

“Bring my stuff back,” Beckom said. “I don’t know the purpose of stealing it. What are they going to do with it? If they display it, it’s going to be seen.”

Beckom is looking into buying cameras for the front yard. 

She’s planning to convert some of the areas to Christmas displays and doesn’t want thieves getting any ideas for next season.