CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) – Neighbors in Charlotte’s University area are fighting back against a proposal to build hundreds of new townhomes and houses.

A builder wants to rezone what is now just woods near Rocky River and Old Concord Roads to put up almost 700 new houses.

There aren’t many backyards in Charlotte like Mark and Maria Dietz’s.

“Can you imagine you’re waking up with the owl, with the birds every single day?” asked Maria Dietz.

The Dietzes say their peace and quiet is about to be interrupted.

“No money can buy that, and these developers are coming just to destroy everything,” said Maria.

A builder is trying to get the City of Charlotte to rezone a piece of property off Old Concord Road and Rocky River Road so that they can build up to 399 single-family homes and up to 284 townhomes.

“I think it’s greed, it’s just greed, and of course, the city’s going to get the money for it too, so I’m really worried what Charlotte is going to become in the next five years,” said Maria.

The Dietzes worry about the impact of almost 700 new homes on roads, schools, and the environment.

“We want to fight this with everything we’ve got,” said Mark Dietz.

They bought their home more than five years ago.

“This is my investment; I’m leaving this to my kids,” said Mark.

They don’t know what will be worth leaving if the plan passes.

“They’re not going to want to live here for the rest of their lives if they have to look out and see into their neighbors’ backyards or their neighbors’ dining room or bathroom or any of that stuff,” said Mark.

Queen City News reached out to the attorney for the builder about the neighbor’s concerns, but we did not hear back.

Neighbors are planning another meeting about the project soon, but a date has not been set.