SILER CITY, N.C. (WNCN) – Voters in Goldston, Pittsboro and Siler City headed to the polls on Nov. 7 for Chatham County’s 2023 municipal election.

Siler City was a town voters had their eyes on to see who was going to get elected mayor. It was a rematch between incumbent Thomas “Chip” Price III and Donald Matthews.

After the election, Matthews secured his position as mayor with 52% of votes compared to Price who had 46% of the people’s votes.

During Matthews’ campaign, one of his focuses was on the complete revitalization of the town to prepare for more people moving to Siler City as well as to improve services facilities and services for people currently living there.

In 2022, Price defeated Matthews in a three-person contest with 52% to 35% of the city’s vote.

Some of Price’s goals he said he wanted to achieve included protecting the town, residents and the current businesses as new industries and partnerships form. He also spoke on protecting local future plans.

Mayor wasn’t the only seat up for grabs in Siler City. Three candidates were going for the at-large seat on the board: incumbent commissioner Jay Underwood, Chandler Picot and Travis Patterson.

Picot told CBS 17 he dropped out of the race to support Patterson.

Patterson received 57% votes and Underwood had 40% votes, making Patterson Siler City’s new commissioner at-large.

“This election gives power back to the people,” said Chandler Picot. “This gives the minority majority more representation.”