CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) — A new development plan consisting of eight $1 million homes is causing problems for existing nearby residents.

The development is being built on Sardis Road in the Sardis Woods neighborhood in southeast Charlotte. It’s causing continuous problems for residents who have been these several years, including sewage spilling into their yards.

The developer started working on the new development in March and things haven’t been the same for neighbors since.

“When I bought the property two years ago, it was for the privacy,” said Kyle Herbertson. “And it was quiet and silent.”

The once quiet, small, and peaceful neighborhood has now been disrupted by erosion, water issues, and sewage problems.

“When I moved here, none of this existed,” said Herbertson.

The trees began being knocked down in March to build a culvert and for neighbors, the area hasn’t been the same since.

“The disruption has been the constant noise and the moving of dirt,” said Herbertson. “And the’ beep, beep’ all day long– the fact we’ve had to look at piles of trash for a year and a half now.”

The developer’s plans to put in eight $1 million homes is coming at a cost to the neighbors.

“If a hurricane came, it would be completely out of control,” said Herbertson.

She worries about water flooding her home now every time it rains.

“Every time it rains, the water comes through here and it basically almost fills up the culvert and goes in the pipe and the only thing holding it back is the silt wall that frequently falls over,” Herbertson said. “I just dread when it does fail and what will happen to my property should the drain not be able to handle all the water going into it because it will head straight for my garage and my home.”

Cory Rozsak, who lives next door, has major problems as well. 

“It’s just a little unsettling,” Rozsak said. “Because I didn’t have any problems and it was a nice place to live and now it continuously just rolls on with issues.”

Those issues include major sewage and cable problems.

“I don’t need this. It’s disgusting. The sewer isn’t going down in my driveway anymore but I have a septic tank for crying out loud that I have to call someone every other week to clean it out or it smells,” Rozsak said.

The most frustrating part is the lack of any kind of solution, neighbors said.

“Nobody wants to do anything,” said Herbertson. “You feel alone on an island because they don’t want to solve the problem for you.  They didn’t want to stop the project and say, ‘maybe this isn’t good.'”