New resolution discussed in NC would limit lawmaker’s time on Capitol Hill

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- A new resolution being discussed in North Carolina could change the way politics work in America, ending decades in office and putting a limit on the amount of time lawmakers can spend on Capitol Hill.

This resolution in North Carolina is one of many throughout the United States, but in order to implement term limits on the federal level, it would need a lot.

“That’s going to require, like 34 states to agree to convene. It will take 38 state legislatures to ratify whatever the convention would approve,” Representative Jeff McNeely said.

So, 75 percent of state legislators across the country would have to agree to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution.

Currently members of congress have two years in office before running for re-election and senators have six.

“I do think that they get a little too comfortable when they’re in there for too long and they aren’t out for our best interest anymore. They’re out for their own,” Wendy Williams said.

For the last twenty years or so Republicans have tried to set term limits to avoid career politicians and promote more public involvement in politics.

“Their argument being that at the time of the founding, and through most of the 19th century, people served for short periods of time, that allowed them to stay close to the beliefs of their community, and then rotated out and someone with new and fresh ideas would come into office,” UNCC Political Science Professor Eric Heberlig said.

And some in the community agree.

“People, you know, when you get the mail in ballots, especially, you don’t know these candidates a lot of the time. So you just go with like, basically, who’s been there,” Williams said. “So you just mark the same thing over and over again,”

Representative Jeffrey McNeely, a sponsor of the resolution, says getting the states to limit members of congress’ terms is the only way to make it happen.

“Here’s the kicker. I don’t think you’ll ever do. I don’t think you’ll ever get them to limit their own terms. So the only way this is going to happen would be with the convention of states,” McNeely said.

McNeely says there’s about a 25 percent chance of implementing term limits will actually happen, but lawmakers on the state level are giving it a shot regardless.

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