RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Other than a few spots here and there, our trees are still pretty green.

But if we check in with the latest update from Explore Fall, some color is already showing up in our state, just in time for October.

“It gets everyone excited and that fall color finally starts to bleed out of mountains a little bit, but we are currently seeing some moderate color up in the higher elevations of Western North Carolina just outside of Brevard, maybe a 30, 45-minute drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway,” said Evan Fisher.

Fisher is the owner and founder of “Explore Fall” which is a website that reports and forecasts fall foliage across the country.

Fisher is also a graduate of UNC Asheville’s Atmospheric Science program, so he knows how important weather is for fall foliage.

He says the cold front we’re tracking for the end of the week should help the colors pop.

“If we can truly lock in some cooler temperatures next week with those lows in the 40s and warm sunny days getting up close to 70, that would be ideal,” he explained. “Those are really the best conditions when it comes to quickly changing the fall color and that will get the ball rolling for everywhere else outside of the high elevations.”

Fisher says we should start to see a more significant change in fall foliage in the next few weeks.

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“As we get into mid- to late-October, that’s really when the colors start to shine,” he said. “I often say that fall foliage is it changes in a nonlinear fashion. So it’s really slow to start and then once peak is a few weeks away — then it explodes.”

So as long as our weather plays along, we should see that explosion of color here at home later this month.

To keep up with the fall foliage, check out Explore Fall here.