MOUNT AIRY, N.C., N.C. (WGHP) — For nearly 40 years, Errol Hill has been working with wood.  

“There is just something about taking a rough piece of lumber…and It just comes alive,” Hill said. “The joy of making something with your own hands seeing something come to fruition that you put together.”

For most of those years, he’s used wood and old post office mail doors to create banks. His most popular ones are made from the old Wake Forest University post office boxes.

Alumni often purchase the banks, some with the post office number they used while in school.

The traditional brass doors, a staple in post offices across the country, were once essential in daily life, and Hill is often on the hunt for them.

“I have several local towns and other schools,” he said. “Piedmont Bible College and Tennessee Tech.”

His favorite part of making the post office box banks is the memories they bring back to people.

“I think they remind many of us of our grandparents or a simpler time,” he said.

To contact Hill, call (336) 406-6809 or send an email to