SUNSET BEACH, N.C. (WNCN) — Police officers at the North Carolina coast had to move a 6-foot alligator away from the front door of a business last week.

The complaint came Friday afternoon about an alligator at the entrance of Coastal Outfitters, which is located on the mainland at Sunset Beach, according to the Sunset Beach Police Department.

“When officers arrived, the alligator was concealing himself under several display chairs where customers enter and exit the business,” police wrote on Facebook.

One of the officers, Lee Hall, is licensed with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and is trained and certified to remove nuisance alligators, police said.

Hall and other officers managed to grab the gator, put him in the back of a pickup truck and take him away.

“Out of concern for the safety of the business owners, customers, and the alligator, it was safely relocated to a nearby pond in Sunset Beach,” police said.

Coastal Outfitters is just over the bridge from Sunset Beach island and is a relatively new building.

Police reminded people that if they spot an alligator potentially endangering people to call the Sunset Beach Police Department.