RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Big changes could be coming to the Division of Motor Vehicles, and it could mean having to renew your license less frequently.

Part of the State House’s proposed budget includes doubling the license renewal period for most North Carolina drivers.

If passed, drivers 18 to 65 would have to renew their license every 16 years instead of eight.

A long line of drivers waiting for a chance to get inside the DMV along Spring Valley Road in Raleigh say it’s a welcome idea.

“I just realized like two days ago that my license was about to expire,” said Mitchell Jeffries.

Jeffries says after he made the realization he looked online.

“No appointments, it’s booked up, everything is backed up. I think I would’ve had to drive to Fayetteville to get an appointment, but I said, ‘let me try to walk in first,’” he explained.

It’s a familiar story across the Triangle. Some DMV offices across the Raleigh area don’t have online appointments for license renewals available for months.

If the proposal to extend the renewal period goes through, North Carolina would have the longest time period between renewals in the country, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Currently, only two states have renewal periods longer than 8 years, with Arizona and Montana allowing drivers to renew after 12 years.

While the window would double for most drivers, those 66 and older would continue the process every five years.

Part of the House’s proposed budget also includes expansion of online license renewals.