GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – After a week, the fight to be a voice to the voiceless continues on East Carolina University’s campus and students are taking a stand with survivors.

The stand is called “Stand With Survivors March.” Students marched through part of the campus earlier on Wednesday hoping to get the university leaders’ attention.

Protests like this have taken place on campus for the past week. On Wednesday, 40 protestors took to the streets marching through the main campus and along Fifth Street. Students made signs and chanted things like “Believe survivors” and “No means no.”

This call for action comes as the Greenville Police Department is still investigating Theta Chi for possible drink tampering and sexual assault. This isn’t the first time the fraternity has had allegations against it.

“Last year there were three counts of drink tampering. I believe September of 2020 off the top of my head it was September 24, 26, and the 30th, and then we got ECU police logs and there were dates that dated back to 2018. We just want to make it known that we’re not letting this go by one more time,” said Jordan Kingsbury, an ECU freshman.

ECU officials say the Office of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities is looking into the reports of drink tampering. Students say they are in talks with campus police and university leaders to continue holding marches and protests in the future.

One ECU freshman created a petition to remove Theta Chi from campus and that petition has nearly 6,000 signatures.