WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Winston-Salem’s city council unanimously approved to add 200 extra cameras around the city Monday night. 

The city council approves to spend $900,000 on the cameras at parks and recreation centers.

City officials have some of the parks on the list to get the cameras that have had incidents before like parties that got out of hand, drug use and deadly shootings.

Adding more cameras is a step to deter crime in public spaces.

“I have seen this area change,” said Carla Matthews, who lives near The Quarry at Tim Grant Park.

Matthews grew up in the park, playing with other kids. Now, she doesn’t feel safe.

She worries so much, she installed six cameras at her home.   

“We’ve had shootings. I’ve even had one. Where kids were trying to leave from the park to get away from the shooting and were running in my house,” Matthews said.

Another shooting happened at Happy Hill Park in April, killing a woman and injuring four others.

“I hate the fact that it’s changed … It used to be a place for the kids,” Matthews said.

The violence in public places prompted Winston-Salem city leaders to take action.

The additional cameras will be placed in 13 parks and recreation centers. Those cameras will then be tied into the city’s new crime center.  

They hope it would not only help solve crimes but deter crime from ever happening in these areas.

Additional parks and city-owned properties were also listed. 

“I hope that they will continue to do that and be focused on what our needs are because we are hearing it … We see what’s happening, so I appreciate it,” Matthews said.

William Sims Community Center, the building across Happy Hill Park, will get 10 cameras, and Quarry Park will get eight.