GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — During the height of the pandemic, most of the world had to alter life as much everything shut down, even the music industry.

Music moguls turned business owners, rapper Tigo B and Lamont Heath started Romeo’s Vegan Burger as an idea to continue serving the community during the pandemic.

Tigo B and Heath said the idea was just table talk and soon became a reality.

“During the pandemic, myself and my business partner, we were doing music and I just landed a deal with Universal but at the same time the pandemic we couldn’t do any music, so because of that, we had to call an audible and figure out something else. We so we decide we wanted to start a vegan restaurant,” said Tigo B.

Tigo B, a vegan himself, said the idea of serving vegan food came because of the many places he traveled to and ate from that gave him a variety of food options and wanted to do the same for his home state.

“We just wanted to be a part of the solution here in North Carolina. Veganism is a thing that’s growing people are more health conscious especially in the pandemic people were paying more attention to what they ate,” said Tigo B.

He and Heath started with a food truck because restaurants weren’t able to open at the time.

“From the time we started the food truck the line was a mile long,” said Heath.

From the success of the food truck, they opened a brick-and-mortar in Charlotte, soon after another in Greensboro on Tate Street near the UNCG campus.

Since the loosening of restrictions from the pandemic, Tigo B has started getting back on the stage. He said what once was an idea is now a mission that he and Heath plan to keep doing.