RALEIGH, N.C. — We’ve shared stories with you about people struggling to find affordable housing and that trickles down to college students looking for somewhere to live.

NC State executive housing director Donna McGalliard tells CBS 17 the university’s housing waitlist for the fall is longer than usual.

A big reason for that is more people are wanting to live on-campus to escape the high rent costs.

According to NC State’s housing website, the projected cost for a double room for the fall 2022 semester is $3,400. Rent.com shows the average price for a one bedroom apartment at more than $1,500 a month.

While more students want to stay on-campus, McGalliard tells CBS 17 it will be tough to accommodate all of those requests with a record-setting amount of freshmen coming to campus in the fall.

“We want to make sure that we’re providing for as many students as we can, but sometimes, like this year, it just may not be possible to do that,” McGalliard said. The university also offers a website with off-campus apartment options. For more, click here.