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Rip currents likely at NC coast as Tropical Depression 3 forms

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. (WNCN) - A tropical depression is off the coast of North Carolina, creating the possibility for strong rip currents and rough surf along the coast.

Lifeguards at Wrightsville Beach are keeping a close eye on the waters as many enjoy their 4th of July weekend.

“We’re just enjoying the sun and the ocean,” said Charles Davis of Raleigh. “Very warm, the water is very warm.”

Strong rip currents are keeping some beachgoers out of the water. Wrightsville Beach lifeguards say this week they’ve made about 25 saves after swimmers got caught in rip currents.


 “The rip current is kind of bad today,” said Gwendolyn Donaldson of Raleigh. “But the lifeguards have been staying on top of it, they’ve been watching people closely.”

The potential for dangerous surf this weekend has made many cut their weekend plans short.

“It’s supposed to be stormy and we wanted to not be here during the storm,” said Donaldson.

For those staying, they’ll closely monitor the conditions and keep the kids out of the water if it gets too bad.

“We’ll just make sure they’re within reach, close-by,” said Rachel Gunter of Chesapeake. “Not too far out. Keep an eye on them.”

If caught in a rip current, you’re advised not to fight the current. Instead, you should swim out of it and then safely to shore.

If you’re unable to escape, you should float or tread water and if you need help to call or wave for assistance.

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