CHARLOTTE (WJZY) — Keep calm, drive on, say “no” to road rage. That’s the message coming from Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

It’s posted on an electronic sign as you turn onto Johnston Road from Interstate 485. The sign comes as road rage incidents are on the rise in Charlotte.

“Oh my god, yes,” said Charlotte Resident Ashley Jordan.  “People will run you off the road in a heartbeat.”

“I definitely think people have less patience now than before COVID,” added Yolanda Chandler.

The scariest part for drivers is the fear that road rage incidents could result in violence.

“Oh yes,” Jordan said. “Because you don’t want to piss someone off or make them mad and you don’t know how people will act. Someone can look innocent like a granny, but they can be packin’.'”

“I try to see the best in people,” added Chandler. “Hopefully, they get mad and stick up the finger and just keep going, maybe cuss me out. I’d hope, though, that it wouldn’t resort to violence in that aspect.”

Queen City News reached out to CMPD for more information on the placement of the sign but has not heard back.